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12 Week Transformation

  • 12Weeks
  • 16Steps


12 Week Transformation Mentorship and Course Weekly mentorship and transformation sessions with IFS (Internal Family Systems): You will explore: 1. Medicines and Dosages: how to choose the right psychedelic medicine and dose for your unique needs. 2. How to intuitively listen to your body and apply the skill of Microdosing to assist in transformation. 3. Understanding your purpose and mission clearly: growing the self- awareness you need to optimize your life’s journey. 4. Working in Flow: creating the commitment to disciplined elimination of distractions that will allow for the actions needed for transformation. 5. Your Vision: dialing in the details of knowing where you want to go. You need to have a clear understanding of the destination in order to create the road map that will get you there. 6. The Journey: your personalized retreat experience that will give you the hard reset you need to elevate your baseline and to feel a significant shift. 7. Integration: bringing the experience back and incorporating it into your every day life. Creating new habits and eliminating old paradigms. 8. Relationships: Using what you have learned to engage intentionally with others in integrity and authenticity. 9. Continuity: how to keep the momentum going and planning for your next sprint with new goals and priorities. 10. Creating the roadmap for the next 12 weeks: Action steps that will help you keep momentum

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12 Week Transformation


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