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Checkout details for  Couple's Retreat

But do you feel passionate?
Do  you  feel connected?
Do you feel excited to share the future?

You LOVE your partner...

Who Are We

Learn how to take action
for your best relationship

Join the Relationship Revolution Retreat!:

  • Participate in a group on the same mission.  Giving and receiving support as you grow in this journey.

  • Participate in a one of a kind couples’ retreat that will solidify all of the actions you have taken to be more in love with your partner than ever before.

What's included:

  • Accommodations in a beautiful glamping space, completely dedicated for retreat participants in stunning red rock Southern Utah.

  • Vegetarian / Vegan meals prepared by our amazing Retreat Chef

  • Fire & Cacao Ceremony

  • Nature immersion with Adventure!

  • Connection workshops with specific actions to help you feel more empathy, understanding and love for one another

  • Morning Yoga or Chi Gong

  • Breathwork / Meditation

  • Ceremony in separate teepee tents in a one of a kind location

*includes 4 day / 3 night retreat!  Venmo or Paypal @EntheogenCoaching

Hold your place with $1,200 deposit with the balance due April 15, 2023

*includes 4 day / 3 night retreat!  Venmo or Paypal @EntheogenCoaching

Hold your place with $1,200 deposit with the balance due April 15, 2023

Who Is This For?

The Relationship Revolution isn’t for everyone.  This is a truly  heart centered course for people who want not just to course correct but create the best relationship possible with their partners.

The Relationship Revolution ISN'T the right fit for you if:
  • You are in a place of deep resentment or stonewalling with your partner.   This is a growth based program and while we do cover course correcting issues, this isn’t a “avoid divorce” course.

  • You don’t want to learn new things and don’t take feedback well.   You will learn gentle ways of taking an honest look at your own behavior but if you are not willing to create new habits and be open to change, this is not  the course for you.

  • You won’t take the time to do the exercises and participate in the classes and community. 

The Relationship Revolution IS the right fit for you if:
  • You realize that relationships require 100% and 100% not 50% / 50%. 

  • You spend time thinking about your partner and how much you want them to be happy.

  • You feel like there are issues you’re not sure how to fix but you want to reach a new place of connection and understanding with your partner.

  • Your intimacy could be better, but you know there is a connection there underneath all of the to-do lists, work distractions, family obligations and more.  

  • You want to bond with other like-minded people and even develop new friendships that help to support the relationship model you want to have. 

  • You’ve been under a lot of stress and haven’t made the time to do special things with your partner.  You are just getting by most of the time.

  • You avoid bringing up things that are bothering you because you are afraid of an argument or conflict arising.

  • You feel lonely in your relationship.

  • You find yourself blaming your partner for at least part of your unhappiness or frustrations in life.

  • You feel like your partner resents you for the challenges in his or her life.

  • You really want to be the best partner you can be and feel the love you have longed for in your relationship as you continue to grow together.

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