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Nature Girl

Women's Retreat
May 2 - 5, 2024

A transformative women's retreat designed to foster connection and self-love. Set in a serene and supportive environment, this retreat offers a space for women to come together, share their stories, and build lasting connections. Engage in uplifting workshops, heart-centered discussions, and self-care practices that promote self-acceptance and self-love. Embrace your authentic self, forge meaningful connections, and leave with a renewed sense of love and empowerment.

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Experience a transformative journey of self-love...

Guided by Shelley and her team of expert facilitators, the retreat combines the wisdom of plant medicine with therapeutic practices to create a safe and sacred space for healing and expansion for women. Through carefully curated experiences, participants are invited to delve into the depths of their consciousness, unlocking hidden insights and releasing emotional burdens.

The retreat's intimate setting fosters a sense of connection and vulnerability, allowing women to strengthen their bond with themselves and one another as well as rediscover the essence of their feminine divinity. From heart-opening ceremonies to guided meditations and mindful practices, each activity is designed to cultivate compassion, understanding, and enhanced communication between partners. This retreat provides a unique opportunity for women to embark on a transformative journey together, forging deeper connections, and fostering individual growth. With feminine empowerment as the guiding principle, this immersive experience invites women to create a space where they can embrace their true selves, celebrate their feminine essence, and unlock the vast potential within.

What to Expect

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Renew your relationship with yourself, connect with other like-minded women, and recharge your spirit.

Experience a new paradigm shift, sense of peace and well-being through intense self-care, nature immersion, sacred ceremony, whole, nourishing foods, and other healing modalities on this 4-day, 3-night retreat in the beauty of southern Utah.


Day 1 / Thursday

  • Arrive and settle in to retreat space

  • Dinner and stories circle

    • Introductions

    • Heart conversations & check-in

    • Fire ceremony

    • Journaling

Day 2 / Friday

  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Prepare for ceremony

  • Journaling

  • Quiet time

  • Ceremony

  • Light & nourishing dinner

  • Integration

Day 3 / Saturday
  • Yoga

  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Breathwork & mindful movement

  • Integration circle

  • Prepare for nature immersion

  • Depart for nature immersion & lunch

  • Grounding activity

  • Dinner

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Drumming & singing

Day 4 / Sunday
  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Integration

    • Implementing change

    • Action items

    • Insights

    • Creating your own blueprint in your own schedule

    • Affirmations

  • Farewell & depart from retreat

Featured Artist

Sonia Kreitzer, also known as, Doe Paoro

Sonia Kreitzer is a singer, songwriter, and sound healer who performs under the name Doe Paoro. She has released four full-length records, and her songs have amassed over 25 million streams worldwide and been featured on TV, film and radio. She also records guided meditations and has been featured as a meditator on both Apple Music and InsightTimer.


Sonia grew up in Syracuse, New York and much of what she understands about the power of music comes from indigenous lineages: she has studied Tibetan opera singing over many years in India and also studied with the Shipibo-Conibo community in Peru. She comes from a family of healers and artists and is engaged in exploring the intersection of music, healing, and consciousness. She is a certified yoga instructor. When not on tour, she facilitates soundbaths, singing retreats, and music for ceremonial spaces worldwide. She is the creator of Activating the Voice, an online course and workshop series that is dedicated to empowering voices and tending to individual and ancestral trauma through singing.

Doe Paoro

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Sonia Kreitzer

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Meet Your Hosts


We will have a delicious and nourishing menu provided by our amazing Kak!


Food Yogi

Kak Urpani

No bugs were harmed during the creation of this page and no they won't be a part of the menu either!  

Here are some fascinating facts about Kak (whom we call "the most interesting woman in the world!")

Katherine, also known as Kak, is a hatha yoga teacher since 2013. She is a human being on a path she loves and loves to share.

Years ago, yoga gently lifted Kak from a deep, dark place and solidified her belief in its power forever. Since then she has continued to learn aspects of this practice which invariably resonate with her in every way.

Because of an unusually international upbringing, Kak was exposed to many languages and cultures early on. Perhaps this allowed her to be just that much more open-minded towards yogic ideas, once she became familiar with them. Her mother also gets due credit for raising her sister and herself to be open to extraordinary concepts.

On her first day at yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, Kak's teacher, Roshan, told her not to believe what he taught her but he then told her not to reject what he taught her either. He told her to contemplate what he taught her. Later Kak understood that this was because she was being encouraged to use her own ability to distinguish between true and false as per her perception; her heart is naturally equipped with discernment and all she has to do is learn to listen! Let that also be Kak's first message.

Since her training in India, yoga has exploded in popularity in the West. Although yoga seems to be widely misconstrued in the West and perceived as strictly a fitness tool, Kak learned from her Indian teachers that practicing asana in any way, shape or form may increase the odds of a desire for a deeper understanding and it can bring new levels of peace, love and joy.

Interesting qualifications:

  • Hotel School in Switzerland

  • Yachtmaster Offshore Captain's License

  • Fluent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish

  • Yacht Chef

A few bio facts:

  • 30 years in Southern Utah

  • Born in Malta

  • Hiking/backpacking/playing music/growing medicinal herbs/watching chicken TV/making healthy food

  • Has undergone a massive transformation in the last 2 years since a "nervous breakthrough"

  • Has a deep desire to help others

Total Enrollment $1,875

To secure your spot at our beautiful women's retreat, send an email to to learn the details for registration and to submit your enrollment.

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