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Microdosing For Optimal Living

Microdosing has gained so much in popularity in the past few years, it is hard to be online anywhere without running into something that talks about mushrooms and microdosing. 

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Looking to try Microdosing?

With all of the hype surrounding Ayahuasca retreats, mushroom journeys, and LSD, there is a lot of attention on breakthrough psychedelic journey experiences. But really, for everyday life, microdosing can really be that tune-up needed.

When psychedelics came back on my radar thanks to the now-famous James Fadiman interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast, I wasn't really comfortable jumping in with both feet. After all, I had experienced "tripping" in my high school days, and quite frankly, while I remembered it fondly, I didn't have the interpretation of it being a life-altering experience. 

Now, I know that was because it was done in a recreational way without ceremony or attention to set and setting (and PS... no one was testing those compounds either so who knows what we were doing back then).  Hence, I still felt tentative and cautious in regard to psychedelic substances - these compounds, I feel ~should~ be treated with a healthy measure of respect and caution. 

For me, microdosing was the perfect re-introduction to psychedelics. I found a coach and started working initially with a blend of mushrooms that were mostly nootropic in nature with a little dash of psilocybin (think Lion's Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, and then .10 of a gram of Golden Teachers per dose).

I really appreciated the work I did in that first round. Most importantly, I found that I was able to kick my two glasses of wine per night habit and engage in much more constructive healthy habits.

I then wanted to gain some additional focus and productivity once a day or two per week and then I added an LSD tincture to my regimen. I  found that microdosing LSD was excellent for finding flow and getting work done!

It wasn't until much later that I ventured into macro experiences with psychedelics and still later that I became a certified psychedelic coach within my coaching business.

Microdosing has been touted as a tool to help people wean off of their SSRIs and ultimately create positive shifts in behavior, open-heartedness, patience, and new healthy habits.

If you are intrigued by things you are hearing about the benefits of psychedelics and want to explore them, microdosing coaching might be for you. 

Book a free consultation to learn more now!

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