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Sage Soul Sound Healing

Sound Healing to Rejuvenate Your Soul

Welcome to Sage Soul Sound Healing
Discover the Transformative Power of Sound

At Sage Soul Sound Healing, we believe in the profound impact of sound on the body, mind, and spirit. Our bespoke sound healing sessions are designed to transport you to a state of deep relaxation, promote healing from within, and reconnect you with your inner peace.

Why Choose Sound Healing?
  • Holistic Well-being: Sound healing works on all levels of your being — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

  • Scientifically Backed: Research supports the benefits of sound therapy for stress reduction, anxiety relief, improved sleep, and enhanced concentration.

  • Ancient Wisdom: We draw upon ancient traditions and techniques to deliver a timeless healing experience.

Our Services
  • Individual Sound Healing Sessions: Personalized sessions tailored to your unique healing journey.

  • Group Sound Baths: Experience the collective energy of sound healing in a group setting.

  • Online Sound Healing Workshops: Learn the principles of sound healing and how to incorporate them into your daily life, from anywhere in the world.

  • Custom Sound Healing Products: Bring the healing power of sound into your home with our range of curated products, including singing bowls, tuning forks, and guided meditation recordings.

Why Sage Soul Sound Healing?
  • Expert Practitioners: Our team of certified sound healers are passionate about helping you achieve balance and harmony.

  • Customized Healing Experience: We believe in a personalized approach, tailoring each session to meet your individual needs.

  • Community of Healers: Join a supportive community that values healing, growth, and connection.


Hear from our clients who have experienced transformation through Sage Soul Sound Healing.

"The sound bath session was a journey of discovery. I left feeling lighter, more at peace, and with a newfound sense of clarity." - Emily R.

"Sage Soul has changed my approach to wellness. Incorporating sound healing into my routine has helped me manage stress like nothing else." - Jordan P.

Book Your Session Today

Ready to embark on your sound healing journey? Book a session today and begin the journey toward holistic well-being. Have questions? Contact us for more information about our services and how we can tailor a sound healing experience just for you.  Just email us at for more details or click the button below to schedule a discovery call.


Find answers to common questions about sound healing, what to expect during a session, and how to prepare.

About Sound Healing
What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses different aspects of sound, including vibrations and frequencies, to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. It can involve a variety of instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and the human voice, to create a therapeutic environment.

How does sound healing work?

Sound healing works by using vibration to interact with our bodily frequencies. It can help to lower stress, decrease mood swings, lower blood pressure, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve sleep, among other benefits.

Before Your Session
Do I need any prior experience with meditation or sound healing to participate?

No prior experience is necessary. Sound healing is suitable for everyone, from beginners to those experienced in meditation and sound work. Our sessions are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all.

What should I wear to a sound healing session?

Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement or breathing. You will be lying down or sitting for the duration of the session, so comfort is key.

How should I prepare for my sound healing session?

We recommend eating lightly and hydrating well before your session. Try to arrive a few minutes early to settle in and perhaps bring a small blanket or shawl for added comfort, although we provide all necessary equipment.

During the Session
What can I expect during a sound healing session?

During a session, you will be invited to lie down or sit comfortably. The practitioner will play various instruments, creating a rich tapestry of sounds that envelop you. You may experience deep relaxation, see colors, or journey into a meditative state. Each person's experience is unique.

How long is a typical sound healing session?

A typical session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, including time to settle in and integrate the experience afterward.

After the Session
What should I do after a sound healing session?

It's important to stay hydrated and take it easy if possible. Some people experience a significant energy shift, so give yourself time to process and integrate the experience.

Can I experience any side effects after a sound healing session?

Most people feel relaxed and uplifted after a session. Some may experience a release of emotions or physical sensations as energy blocks are cleared. This is normal and part of the healing process.

Booking and Payment
How do I book a sound healing session?

You can book a session through scheduling a quick call using the "Book A Session Now!" button below. We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time slot.  You can also email us at

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that plans can change. We kindly ask for 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.

Safety and Accessibility
Is sound healing safe for everyone?

Sound healing is non-invasive and considered safe for most people. However, if you have concerns or specific health conditions, please consult with a healthcare provider and inform your sound healer before the session.

Is your facility accessible to people with disabilities?

Our facility is designed to be accessible. Please contact us in advance with any specific needs or questions so we can ensure your comfort and accessibility.


We are committed to providing a transformative healing experience. If you're not completely satisfied with your session, let us know, and we will make it right.

Begin Your Journey to Healing and Harmony with Sage Soul Sound Healing

Embrace the power of sound to heal, transform, and uplift your spirit. Join us at Sage Soul Sound Healing, where your journey toward holistic well-being begins.

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