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Healing Sound Baths

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"You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories." - Anne Lamott

In December, we will open a portal into discovering, excavating, and tending to the parts of our voice that yearn to be expressed and heard.


Activating the Voice is a personal journey that invites empowering the voice and working through fear around self-expression by tapping into the joy of singing, chanting, and learning new techniques for brave communication.


When you sign up for Activating the Voice, you are signing up for support in being accountable to your creative potential, you're initiating a healing process, and you are committing to moving towards expressing and living your full truth.

Past workshops have left participants deeply moved. 


We have seen friendships and communities form around this work and continue to grow after the course ends. There have been folks who came into the course feeling very creatively stagnant and went on to actualize their own art and offerings. We have even witnessed individuals experience healing on throat-centered and thyroid related health issues.


Activating the Voice is designed for singers, people who have no interest in singing, anyone who doesn't sing but would like to find a safe space to try! anyone who has been told they have a "bad voice" and is scared of singing, and those who would like to be able to say "no" more confidently.

This is also a course for anyone who has trauma related to expressing their truth or anyone who has experienced physical trauma in their throat area, anyone who feels unheard or has difficulty speaking up, those who want to be more in touch with their emotions, anyone interested in learning about the chakras, and anyone who is seeking structure and connection with a supportive community.

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following questions, you will love this course!

  • Do you sometimes limit your speech for fear of "saying the wrong thing?"

  • Are you wanting to create a healthier relationship with your art and creative process?

  • Do you feel cultural conditioning has kept you from taking up space?

  • Do you have difficulty advocating for yourself?

  • Are you looking to get more in touch with your singing voice (and have fun while doing so)?

  • Do you have difficulty sharing your creative work or speaking in public (performance anxiety)?

  • Have you ever felt alienated, judged, or punished for sharing your truth?

  • Do you desire to experience more range and tonality in your voice?

  • Are you looking to strengthen your ability to hear and honor your intuition?

  • Do you find it challenging to identify and/or ask for your needs to be met?

  • Do you often lose your voice, suffer from thyroid issues, have chronic sore throats, grind your teeth or suffer from sinus infections?

  • Is your identity and self-worth overly dependent on your voice? (This question is especially for those who work in music, entertainment or public-facing jobs)

  • Do you limit expression of your own truth for fear you won't be met with acceptance?

  • Do you often feel unheard or invisible in group dynamics?

The voice is a source of both personal power and creativity. Throughout history, there are countless examples of great orators using their voice to inspire and mobilize movements. We manifest our ideas through speaking them into reality.

Join us for a transformative experience of healing

The voice is a pathway to instantly accessing the truth of our hearts and a connection to spirit -- consider the experience of having a song move you to tears unexpectedly. There is something mystical about the voice: It is felt and heard but not seen. In our visual culture, by nature of this very fact, the voice is radical, speaking to something deeper within us and potentially bringing us into a non-distracted, inner presence.

Privately, the voice is a precious gift we all have for self-soothing. Many tears have been calmed through the lullaby of singing or the experience of writing a song or just listening to music that made you feel understood and less alone in the world. Whatever your inspiration is for getting to know your voice more intimately, it is a worthwhile and soul-fulfilling journey.


This course integrates a variety of different healing modalities: vocal exercises, dream interpretation, non-violent communication, ancestral work, creative writing, breathwork, yoga, chanting, singing, medicine songs, and affirmations. One of the joys of this experience is connecting to and being supported by an accepting and safe community that is doing this work alongside you.




Sonia K/ Doe Paoro

Vocalist | Songwriter | Soundhealer | Creator of Activating the Voice

Sonia K is a singer and songwriter and has released four full-length records under her project, "Doe Paoro." Her music has been featured in film, television and radio internationally. She is certified as a yoga teacher, and designed this course based on her experience working with the voice, music, and community as a form of healing. She believes much of our collective and individual healing work begins with feeling empowered in our voices.

Shelley DeMarco

Ceremonialist | Sound Healer | Energy Healer | Vocalist | Writer | Poet | Founder of Sage Soul.

Shelley DeMarco is a medicine keeper and ceremonialist.  She works with energy, sound, breath and other modalities to help people find their true selves and heal the parts of themselves that are suffering.  She is a classically trained vocalist and grew up in a family of creators, singers, and actors.   She has dedicated her life studies to finding ways to express feelings, to heal past pain and trauma and to find joy. 

What you will receive:

  • Opening Ceremony

  • A Day of Vocal Activation Live

  • Access to additional learning  platform with Supplemental Materials

  • Opportunities to Share your Creative Work

  • Optional Weekly Morning Creative Community Space for 7 weeks on Zoom for sharing and accountability

  • A Year In Review online workshop to help you create 2024 to be a year you deliberately design and create.

  • An accepting environment and the support and flexibility of community to have the experience be whatever you wish it to be

Simple Plans

This is a no pressure experience!  Just bring your authentic self.

Personalized Content

You will be amazed at how the experience will resonate with your own unique needs.

Community Support

You will leave with connections that will help you in your goals and dreams.

Sign Up Today!  Space is limited!
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