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Pay It Forward

The Full Story

When I was a single mom of four living on a meager salary and just barely getting by being a health and wellness coach,  a client of mine came to my house and saw that my kids had no bedroom furniture.  They had beds but not dressers, desks and other items that made a bedroom feel comfortable and warm.   I was struggling just to put food on the table, let alone get furniture.  This woman went out and purchased bedroom furniture for all of my kids.  It was like Christmas in July!

One day the kids came home and saw that they had new rooms! This led to them feeling more secure and happy and made a huge difference for us.  I was beyond grateful!

From that moment on, I always tried to "pay it forward" whether it was helping someone pay for groceries, pay for the next person's coffee in line, and now I offer scholarship spots on my retreats.

In order to help even more people, I am offering an opportunity for others to "Pay It Forward" too.  Whether you have a specific person in your life you would like to enroll in a coaching program or retreat, or you just want to help pay for someone who can't pay for their own transformative experience, you can contribute through our Patreon!

Last year alone, we were able to bring two people on scholarship to our Oaxaca retreat and we had a scholarship spot at two of our women's retreats and one and at our couples' retreat.  It is a beautiful thing to help others that really need and want it and often, these retreats are the catalyst for the life change needed to get things turned around.  I've had several people who were on scholarship turn around and contribute to the scholarship of another down the road.

If you would like to contribute, please click on our Patreon link and let us know what you want to contribute to - a retreat, a course, 1-1 coaching, or integration.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness!

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