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Sonia Kreitzer

Sonia Kreitzer is a singer, songwriter, and sound healer who performs under the name Doe Paoro. She has released four full-length records, and her songs have amassed over 25 million streams worldwide and been featured on TV, film and radio. She also records guided meditations and has been featured as a meditator on both Apple Music and InsightTimer.


Sonia grew up in Syracuse, New York and much of what she understands about the power of music comes from indigenous lineages: she has studied Tibetan opera singing over many years in India and also studied with the Shipibo-Conibo community in Peru. She comes from a family of healers and artists and is engaged in exploring the intersection of music, healing, and consciousness. She is a certified yoga instructor.


When not on tour, she facilitates soundbaths, singing retreats, and music for ceremonial spaces worldwide. She is the creator of Activating the Voice, an online course and workshop series that is dedicated to empowering voices and tending to individual and ancestral trauma through singing. 

Sage Soul is very fortunate to have the honor of Sonia leading our vocal activation workshops.  Here are a few of our favorites of Sonia's songs:


Sirenita Bobinsana

Gayatri Mantra

Divine Surrendering

All My Life Is a Ceremony


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