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Couples Who MDMA Together Stay Together

One of the most exciting things that is coming out of the resurgence of psychedelic therapy and use is from a popular chemical called MDMA. Many of you who are around my age will probably remember hearing or even experiencing the party drug “Ecstasy” in the 80’s. But once it was classified as a schedule 1 drug in the US, it was widely diminished in use and understanding except for a robust underground scene. Now as organizations like MAPS increases their studies on psychedelic therapy, we are learning more and more about various compounds and what they are particularly good for. MDMA was something that really caught my attention for use with couples. One of my main specialties is helping couples create their optimal and extraordinary love relationship. So of course when I saw more and more research and anecdotal stories on how MDMA helps bring couples closer, I was intrigued. MDMA can be used for many different scenarios. It is expected that the FDA will actually approve MDMA for therapeutic use by the end of 2021 ( I write this as of summer 2021). For people or couples who face PTSD issues or other trauma, that will be the perfect scenario to experience MDMA in a therapeutic environment. It is important to work with an experienced therapist if there are trauma issues. What I like to help couples with is scenarios where couples may just want to tune up their relationship and connect on a deeper level. Of course if MDMA is still a schedule 1 drug in your area, then you may need to wait until the drug classification changes, but there are places where MDMA is legal to use. I help couples to integrate their MDMA experience from the preparation work leading up to their experience and the post experience work to help keep the discoveries and growth going. The importance of the set, setting, guide and integration can’t be overstated. While many people have stories of their Ecstasy experiences as festivals and parties, the remarkable part of using MDMA in a deliberate way can be life changing.

Regardless of any molecules you may use to enhance your relationship, there are tools you can use to deliberately create the space for you and your partner to reach new levels of connection and love for each other. Intention can’t be understated – it is a huge part of any growth and development. Take the time to develop your mission statement as a couple and plan out what you want your relationship to be.

MDMA is an incredible molecule that can enhance empathy, connectedness and communication. Those lucky enough to live in a place where it is legal can experience the benefits with thoughtful, planned, and well integrated sessions.

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