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We have education programs based on where you are at in your journey and what you need to focus on:

Relationship Revolution:  A one-of-a-kind program for couples who want to create the most beautiful loving relationship possible.  This is a 12-week online course with live sessions once a month with Shelley and first-priority registration for our couples retreats.

Beyond Microdosing:   Explore a deeper practice if you are microdosing.  Learn the practices that will bring you the results you are seeking from microdosing.


High-Performance Coaching:  1-1 Coaching series with Shelley that teaches you how to identify exactly what you want your life to look like and how to take the action steps to put that vision into place.


Rites of Passage: 

  • Teenage girls as they start the chapter into womanhood.  These are custom-created experiences for each individual. 

  • Mother / Daughter bonding ceremonies that allow the wisdom of the mother to be passed to the daughter in a sacred way and for the mother to honor the daughter's own unique way of creating in her life.   

  • Motherhood:  A sacred ceremony celebrating the rite of passage of woman from solo existence into the new paradigm of being a mother and guardian to a new precious soul.

  • Crossing over:  More support is available for those who are transitioning out of this lifetime and on to the great beyond.  There are many beautiful ways to assist in dignified dying both for the person transitioning and those who will be going through the process with their loved ones and ultimately going on without them for a time.

Microdosing Coaching:   Microdosing has been touted as a tool to help people wean off of their SSRIs and ultimately create positive shifts in behavior, open-heartedness, patience, and new healthy habits.  It can also just be a way to optimize focus, creativity, and positive habits.

If you are intrigued by things you are hearing about the benefits of psychedelics and want to explore them, microdosing coaching might be for you. 



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